Founder and President of Set Free to Be Me Kay Fant

The spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the physical and spiritual captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound.

- Isaiah 61:1

Upon reading this verse, the Lord ignited a burning passion within me to reach hurting women. My precious Father began to place a yearning and longing in my heart to share the “pains of my past” with other women who were hurting.   I was aware that the Lord was doing a work, but I had no idea how to get started with this desire He had birthed within me.  I certainly had no idea where the journey was going to take me.

Through the guidance and leadership of Destiny Worship Center, I started a small group working with women. There was constantly a waiting list for the group.  As the waiting list continued to grow, I felt the need to give more of my time to these hurting women. In an effort to accommodate the growing need, I increased the number of classes offered, however the waiting list continued to grow.  I hated to tell these hurting women that they would have to wait a full year before they could begin the class.

It was during this time that the Lord ambushed my heart and asked me to “enlarge my tent”.  I had been an interior designer for 34 years and owned my own business. I was content with my life, and I proceeded to “wrestle” with the Lord.  I told Him that I could run my own business and lead more classes…besides, the Design Center was my income. (Surely He would understand).  No, He didn’t!  He continued to pull with cords of love on my heart, until one morning, in reading the story of Esau and Jacob, The Lord asked me so gently, do you want My blessing on your life or do you want your bowl of lentils (Design Center)?  I responded with a wholehearted – I want your Blessing!!  I fully surrendered to His will!  That day I literally began the process of closing the center!

Never did I realize the plans that He had for me.  It has been a journey of learning many “lessons” of what TOTAL dependency on Him really means.  It has been a journey of growing spiritually in ways I never knew possible.  The rewards have been beyond description!  How do you put value on watching the “scales” of blindness fall off, marriages healed, and women truly being set free!

Now, we are at the point in this journey in which we are in need of a home for those who need to separate from their immediate home situation in order to heal.  There are so many women who have a profession and are actively employed but their hearts are bleeding.  We need a place where they can find refuge and heal. These women need an environment that provides loving support and a continuous program with boundaries and accountability that will help them in their healing.

I feel very strongly that upon acquiring a home we are to continue ministering to the needs of the women in our community who are able to stay connected to their home life. Therefore we will continue to offer classes to women within our community with our current weekly program.

If you would like to see lives totally Set Free to be all that God has designed them to be, I need your support now!  The needs are great  - Yes, the home is one of the desires of our hearts, but there are many expenses in running a program such as this.

Would you please prayerfully consider making an investment in this ministry as we seek to meet the needs of these “soul-bruised” women?  The need is so great and the opportunity for eternal dividends for your investment in these men and women is immeasurable!

Set Free To Be Me needs your support and help in order to see these precious lives set free from the bondage of their past and equipped to be ALL that God has designed them to be!

I am living in Tiptoe Expectation!



Kay L . Fant