I want to live a life of wholeness and freedom.


Set Free To Be Me is a comprehensive, faith based program designed to educate women on self-worth, codependency, abuse, addiction, shame and anger and help them find the sweet freedom that comes with resolution and forgiveness in these areas. Boundaries and healthy thinking also play a significant role after uncovering why each woman is soul-bruised. These areas of study empowers a woman to go back to her daily life with a sense of purpose and practical tools to handle her circumstances in a positive, proactive way. She will have a better understanding of her choices to live free from bondage and be positively persuaded of who she is in Christ.

Have you ever desired to:

  • Have the knowledge to understand your inner turmoil
  • Know the power of forgiveness
  • Understand why you feel alone
  • Know why you sabotage your relationships
  • Create boundaries and learn to say no
  • Confront those who have hurt you
  • Understand how your past is affecting your present life
  • Stop the performance of the “Do and Don’t” list
  • Be loved for who you are
  • Stop wearing a mask
  • Understand why you are addicted to certain things
  • Be set free from shame and guilt

If one or more of these statements apply, then this program is for you.  Our nine-month core program is comprised of weekly classes and private one-on-one sessions.  The purpose of the weekly class is to develop relationships and trust with other individuals.

No matter what the issue, it usually stems from fear and mistrust of others, so our program is delivered each week in a group settings, which is necessary to re-develop trust in others.


Establishing a Solid Foundation – during this time, we focus on self-worth, relationships, fear of failure, fear of rejection, offense, co-dependency and perfectionism.

Cleaning Out Your House – during these sessions, we focus on dealing with shame, anger, resentment and abandonment.

Getting Plugged In – during these sessions, we focus on the importance of thinking positively, living a life that is empowered, and receiving the freedom that comes through forgiveness.

Once this phase of the nine-month program is completed, the women are less burdened by their issues and are learning to react differently.  They move forward in the healing process by learning how to establish healthy relationships.  This curriculum focuses on the following:

Healthy Thinking – here we address the importance of your mind and thought closet, the conditions of your mind and wilderness mentality and how to overcome the thoughts from the enemy.

Protecting Boundaries – why boundaries are needed, the laws for setting external and internal boundaries, and how to live your life within the boundaries that are set.

Passionate Living – here we focus on how to be positively persuaded of our salvation in order to worship acceptably, walk obediently, and serve others in the community.

As a follow up to the program’s group classes, we hold private one-on-one sessions that allow each woman to release all the wounds of her past and discover why their reactions to present day situations are not solving her issues successfully.

If you’re ready to step out, become confident in who you are in Christ and begin your spiritual journey with us, click here


It is our hearts desire and vision for the future of this ministry to procure a plot of land along with tiny homes to provide shelter for the women Set Free To Be Me serves.  Many women who enter this ministry are experiencing difficult situations, including abusive relationships, divorce, homelessness and other financial hardships.  As a result these women are in desperate need of safe housing. Set Free To Be Me needs your financial support in order to make this vision a reality.  The procurement of the property and homes will cost approximately $700,000.00.

Would you please prayerfully consider making an investment into our ministry as we seek to meet many of these needs?  The need is great and the opportunity for eternal dividends for your investment in these women is immeasurable.

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” Philippians 4:17