I want to live a life of wholeness and freedom.


Set Free To Be Me is a comprehensive, faith based program designed to educate women on self-worth, codependency, abuse, addiction, shame and anger and help them find the sweet freedom that comes with knowing who you are in Christ. Boundaries also play a significant role after uncovering why each woman is soul-bruised. These areas of study empowers a woman to go back to her daily life with a sense of purpose and practical tools to handle her circumstances in a positive, proactive way. She will have a better understanding of her choices to live free from bondage and be positively persuaded of who she is in Christ.

Have you ever desired to:

  • Have the knowledge to understand your inner turmoil
  • Know the power of forgiveness
  • Understand why you feel alone
  • Know why you sabotage your relationships
  • Create boundaries and learn to say no
  • Confront those who have hurt you
  • Understand how your past is affecting your present life
  • Stop the performance of the “Do and Don’t” list
  • Be loved for who you are
  • Stop wearing a mask
  • Understand why you are addicted to certain things
  • Be set free from shame and guilt

If one or more of these statements apply, then this program is for you. Each of these “pains” are dealt with throught God’s Word and several tools that you will learn.  Our nine-month core program is comprised of weekly classes and private one-on-one sessions.  The purpose of the weekly class is to develop relationships and trust with other individuals.

No matter what the issue, it usually stems from insecurity, so our program is presented each week in a group setting, which is necessary to re-develop trust in others.

If you’re ready to step out, become confident in who you are in Christ and begin your spiritual journey with us, click here