I want to live a life of wholeness and freedom.


God lead me to this class, but because of fears of my past hurts I was reluctant to obey. But God put it in Kay’s heart to not give up on me and because of her obedience to the Lord, this class is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life!

Because of childhood hurts I’ve lived my life numb to give and receive feelings, I stuffed my emotions, uncertain of everything, and what was love–that was foreign to me. So no one knew the real me. I hid behind several mask; a fake image; but alot of smiles to cover my hurts. Pleasing everyone else but myself. I had no hope for anything better. THIS WAS MY LIFE! UNTIL GOD–I found out although I was broken in my heart, soul, and mind, that there was hope healing and love with Jesus!

Kay helped me bring my hurts and issues to the surface out of hiding.

We found the roots of my issues and gave them to my Savior and thus healing began in me. I have learned what total forgiveness means; how to deal and feel my emotions; that my past is my past and it doesn’t define who I am. The shame that I lived with is no longer a part of my life–I’ve been set free! Because you see bondages and chains are broken, walls are torn down, my mask is off and my life is being fully healed by My Father! I now KNOW and feel He loves me as I was, as I am, and for who I am becoming! Thank you Jesus


I am THANKFUL…I am blessed…I am loved…I am in love…I am safe…I am protected…I am loved by…I am heard…I am calmed…I am focused…I am ON PURPOSE….All becase of You, by You, with You, and because you created and chose Me!

You truly heard my cries and wiped my tears. You have saved my body and sprit from the enemy! I no longer hear the voices. I am FREE from my nightmares and visions of demons. I can hear the quiet. I am learning what peace really is! You’ve replaced my fears with love, peace, and quiet. I am learning who I am for the the VERY first time.

I am constantly amazed by you Jesus and the POWER of your presence! I am starting to understand what it is like to really know you…When i finally had the strength to look up to you. Lord, I was hanging on by a thread and nearly threw away everything you had for me. Then you grabbed my hand and led me to Kay and her ministry. Because of YOU I am still here. I am no longer confused, nor am I sad and angry. I am a blank slate etching your word and the story of my NEW LIFE IN YOU. I LOVE YOU!!!


When people ask me about Kay’s class, I tell them it’s like having open heart surgery. You walk around with your heart tacked together week to week as you let God work on your heart. You have to do your part, be open and honest and then trust God.

Several years back, my mom had to have open heart surgery. I remember being really upset that she had opted to do the more invasive surgery versus the minimally invasive laser procedure I also remember being angry that within hours of her surgery, they forced her to get up and move. It didn’t matter to me that doing that was vital to her healing. It was then that I understood that oftentimes the best way can also be the most invasive, most painful way. Just like walking after her surgery was vital to her healing, doing my part and digging deeper is vital to my healing. It has been a road full of tears, laughter, sorrow and yes, joy. What I have and am still learning is that God loves me…period. The rest is still a work in progress, but for the first time in my life, I am filled with expectation and hope.


When I first heard about Kay and her small group, the Lord spoke to me and told me this is where I would finally find healing from the heartbreak of my divorce. So I e-mailed Kay and asked her to please consider me for this class. I believe God spoke to her also and I was able to start immediately. From the very first class I knew God had indeed placed me exactly where I needed to be. This class has changed my life in so many ways. I have learned how to forgive people and really find a peace that I never knew would be possible for my life. I have learned so much about my relationship with God and have grown in areas such as my prayer life and Bible Study. I never before realized the vastness of God’s love for me and just how much he wants fellowship with me. I was heartbroken, unhappy, beaten down by life, felt insignificant and unworthy. God has used Kay and this class to heal the wounds that life had left me with. Through Kay I have learned how to seek God through scripture, prayer and fellowship to find healing for all the hurts in my life. I am not there yet, but I am growing and maturing every day and know that I would not be as content with my life as I am today without the knowledge I have gained from this class. I have also met some awesome women through this Bible Study and made some friendships that were really needed in my life. The best friendship of all being the one I now have with my Lord.

This program has truly changed the way I handle life. I was a very angry and shame filled person on the inside. No one knew this except my immediate family. I was destroying them with my anger and then I would feel so guilt. I was in a vicious cycle. I hid it very well from others, not wanting anyone to think less of me as a Christian but by hiding my anger it was slowly eroding me away on the inside. I was putting on a mask that said everything is fine, while dying on the inside. I was slowly pulling away from God and felt like even He didn’t love me anymore. That feeling of loneliness made me feel even angrier and I felt I had nowhere to turn. A friend put me in touch with Kay and I started this class. What has happened to me is truly amazing. I truly understand more than ever how much God loves me and has always been with me. He cares for my deepest and smallest concern. I have reconnected with God in a way I never thought possible. I will not lie and say things are perfect. The circumstances that I was allowing to make me angry have not changed much. What has changed is my way of looking at me and understanding who I am in Christ. With that knowledge I am learning better how to handle myself in stressful, unjust and at times very sad circumstances. I am beginning to truly enjoy life again and enjoy God for who He really is.